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OpenHT Proof of Concept (photos!)

Originally posted on Facebook M17 Project (ham radio) group 2023-06-07 by Wojciech Kaczmarski.

Ladies and gents, here's the OpenHT, a truly all mode radio brought to you by M17 Project. It is still in its Proof of Concept stage, so not available for purchase yet. Hang in there! We will demo this at HAM Radio Friedrichshafen in Germany, June 22-25. PCB design by Morgan Diepart, ON4MOD. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Belgium. PS. The front board is STM32 F469I-DISCO.




Later discussions on this post:

Also to be demoed at JARL Ham Fair in Tokyo this year on August 19-20 and Pacificon in San Ramon, California on October 20-22.

See the capabilities here - https://github.com/M17-Project/OpenHT-fpga#readme

Q. What is meant by all mode?

A. All mode in this case means you can actually use any modulation, including arbitrary IQ mod. From CW, AM and FM through SSB, to 4FSK (M17), 32APSK, 16QAM, pi/4-DQPSK (TETRA) etc.

Q. That’s pretty cool once completed will it be enclosed in a case?

A. Yep! https://github.com/M17-Project/OpenHT-case.


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