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M17 Project Team


Wojciech SP5WWP, Founder and Lead Developer

Bare-metal software developer. Radio amateur since 2016. Open source and hardware movement enthusiast.


Steve KC1AWV, Systems Adminstration and Integrations, Web Developer

Senior Systems Administrator for a non-profit based in Boston, Massachusetts. Enjoys coding, tinkering, and playing with radios!


Mike W2FBI, Software Prototyping and Development

Insatiably curious software developer and entrepeneur fascinated by radios. Still can't play guitar.


Ed N2XDD, Community Manager, Primary NCS

Old school analog radio enthusiast living in a digital radio world. Recently retired and rarely found without a large cup of coffee in hand. Radio Amateur since 1993.


Mathis DB9MAT, Hardware Development, Module17

Research associate in mobile communications. Part time PhD student, full time tinkerer. Open hardware enthusiast


Rob WX9O, Software and Hardware Development

Fintech Software Engineer & Founder of Mobilinkd LLC. Enjoys digital signal processing, embedded systems, and electronic design. Still trying to master the FPGA.


Doug AD8DP, Software Development - DroidStar

Automotive powertrain electronics engineer. Open source hardware & software enthusiast, GNU/Linux advocate, and self proclaimed 'Gadgeteer'. Radio amateur since 2013.


Tom N7TAE, Software Development, Protocol Networking

Retired Physical Chemist. Now a radio amateur and open source software guy interested in digital comms.