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Privacy Policy

Oh, you actually clicked on this. Well then.

We (the website, and M17 Project) don't want your personal info. We have no use for it. There's only what, six degrees of separation between everyone in the world anyway, right? So, who knows, we might already know who you are. Or at least know someone who does. Don't worry, you're cool. We're cool. It's all good.

The only things we do collect are logs from our web servers, for our own enjoyment. Nobody else is interested or would ever need our logs, which aren't kept around a whole long time anyway. Probably a week or so. If that, even. We like seeing people click things, watch the page view counter go up, that sort of thing. Graphs are cool!

Needless to say, there's nothing we're looking to collect, or sell, or share with anyone when you browse our site. Simple as that.

If you're in Europe, tell them we're cool.