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M17 is currently experimenting with existing hardware, and developing new hardware for use with the M17 Protocol.

Module 17 is a smart-mic module that plugs into existing 9600 baud capable radios (such as the Kenwood V71 and D710, Motorola Waris (CDM/GM), and others)

ADF7021 Module is an experimentation module for the prolific ADF7021 RF chip, commonly used for DV hotspots.

NucleoTNC developed by Mobilinkd as an open-source TNC platform that supports the M17 Protocol.

TNC3 also developed by Mobilinkd is a commercial TNC that supports the M17 Protocol.

OpenRTX is a free and open source firmware for digital ham radios (TYT MD3x0 and clones, Ailunce HD1, Module 17, and more) that supports the M17 Protocol.