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Module17 Rev. 0.1e

Originally posted on Facebook M17 Project (ham radio) group 2023-05-27 by Wojciech Kaczmarski.

The newest Module17 revision - 0.1e.


Later discussions on this post:

WK: Major changes include replacement of the digital pots that are unobtainable. We also added a power-on switch.

Q: Also where can users purchase this item?

A: There's a step by step guide on how to order those at jlcpcb - https://m17project.org/articles/how-to-order-module17s-at-jlcpcb.

YouTube video: YouTube channel DIGITAL HAM RADIO DIARY-M0FXB - M17- PROJECT , M17 Module -RX,TX.


Content / photos by Wojciech Kaczmarski SP5WWP

Reposted / formatted by Steve Stroh N8GNJ