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M17 Tools

Things to help you with M17!

mvoice M17 Client

The mvoice M17 client is a Linux desktop “soundcard” client for use with the M17 reflector system, written by Tom Early N7TAE


  • Linux desktop/laptop - Raspberry Pis included!
  • A headset with microphone for best audio quality
  • A few libraries and build tools

All information relevant to the building and running of the mvoice client is available in the README

M17 Callsign Calculator

Callsigns in M17 are base40 encoded.

9 characters from an alphabet of 40 possible characters can be encoded into 48 bits, 6 bytes. The base40 alphabet is:

  • 0: A space. Invalid characters will be replaced with this.
  • 1-26: “A” through “Z”
  • 27-36: “0” through “9”
  • 37: “-” (hyphen)
  • 38: “/” (slash)
  • 39: “.” (dot)

Encoding is little endian. That is, the right most characters in the encoded string are the most significant bits in the resulting encoding.

This calculator will encode and decode callsigns into a format that M17 can use.

M17 Live Stream

Coming Soon!

Live Stream

Coming Soon!

M17 Live stream can be used to hear how you sound when transmitting M17 over the Internet.

Point your radio to and transmit. You will hear your audio over the live stream after a brief delay (usually about 2 seconds).

Coming Soon!