M17 Reflector

Started by AD8DP, February 10, 2020, 07:55:12 PM

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I'm really interested in this project.  Are there has been any plans for an Internet reflector yet?  I saw the hostpot project and talk about tests sending/receiving UDP frames on Github.  Maybe it's too early for this, but I'd like to add M17/Codec2 support to my DUDE-Star/DroidStar software (details on QRZ) that allows network based RX/TX, similar to BlueDV and friends. It would be a good way to get a thorough understanding of Codec2 and the M17 protocol, before I get my hands dirty and start building some hardware.

-Doug AD8DP


Sorry for a late reply. No plans for reflectors yet. We are still working on hardware (handheld) and the protocol spec.


I figured, just thought I'd ask.  I'll be watching closely, this is a cool project.