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Technical / Re: TR-9 PCB, 4-layer
Last post by pthrr - August 09, 2020, 10:10:56 PM
As was suggested, maybe we can use the additional space and add a bluetooth module, e.g. BLUENRG-132 as available from JLCPCB

- pthrr
Technical / Re: Why is M17 better? -- May...
Last post by tarxvf - August 04, 2020, 04:38:34 PM
WA4OSH: For what it's worth, that bothers me too - but you can see it in DMR all the time
"How do I sound?"
"You sound great, like you're right next to me!"

I think this stems from a patent distrust of all computer systems - we can't even get printers to be reliable, so the amount of trust humans (but especially hams) have that a massively complex linked digital network will work as expected is fairly low. I write software, and I'm not so sure they're wrong. :D

I think the voice-based radio check is going to stick around for a while. It's basically the best integration test you can have.

What you can do, is reply to them in a humorous way:
"This is WA4ABC, am I getting into the repeater okay?"
"WA4ABC this is WA4OSH: Nope, I can't hear a thing! Have you tried tuning your confabulators?"
Sometimes they won't get the joke, just be gentle with them if that's the case. :D
Technical / TR-9 PCB, 4-layer
Last post by pthrr - July 31, 2020, 03:58:01 PM
Hello everyone,

this thread shall serve as a way to organize design decisions and improvements for the upcoming 4-layer version of the TR-9 PCB.

I suggest FR-4 substrate with overall thickness of 1.2 mm. We should design components for automated assembly.
Maybe already for a specific manufacturer(JLCPCB?).

The stack-up would be as follows:
-. 35 um Top
-> 300 um Dielectric
-. 35 um GND
-> 550 um Dielectric
-. 35 um VCC
-> 300 um Dielectric
-. 35 um Bottom

So nothing too wild. Let me know what you think.
We also could take copper off Top/bottom and/or add width to the core for a more common(cheaper?) 1.6 mm overall thickness.

- pthrr
Technical / TR-9 gerbers
Last post by SP5WWP - July 23, 2020, 10:43:18 AM
All gerber files are now available for download at our github. I have already ordered HMI and mainboards, 30 pieces of each.
Technical / Re: "Review (kind of)", ideas ...
Last post by HB9DNN - July 22, 2020, 10:15:15 PM

just read Your messages in IRC and, honestly, was kind of embarrassed by the wording of some of them.
Not that I take this personal but ridiculing others in a discussion is definitely not helpful for such a project.
If You consider this project Your property; well, be my guest. I don't think, however, that my questions and ideas and F4GRX' remarks are just stupid babbling which are only worth to be crushed down.
Maybe You rethink about the reason why we two proposed using a USB-C connector. Hint: it has nothing to do with data rate.

I hope this is not the usual way folks are treated here.

73 Robert
Technical / Re: "Review (kind of)", ideas ...
Last post by SP5WWP - July 22, 2020, 08:49:57 PM
Niko SO3ALG is about to publish the gerbers as I'm writing this post.

ESP8266 chips might be obsolete, but are very popular and easily obtainable. We might switch to something else later.
Why USB-C if ordinary USB is more than enough? We aim at data rate 115200bps, at most, there.
I'm going to order some 20+ PCBs just when the gerbers are ready.
Why avoid stm32cube? Older versions are good. I won't use any RTOS in my handheld.
STM32F777 has an FPU unit, so the last argument voids. Si4463 is no longer in use in M17.
Technical / Re: M17 frame description
Last post by OH5BZR - July 22, 2020, 02:24:12 PM

How about sender call + 9 or group ?
How about allow multiple TDMS frame's for data, several radios at same whit own slot ?

Flexibility, data/voice could have headers, so multiple codec could be in use,..

Could there be frame id's so for example instead voice data can be sended GPS or message or data,.. and next time you have slot againg continue whit voice ??

This could be multi codec ?

General discussion / Re: Requests - i2c extension, ...
Last post by OH5BZR - July 22, 2020, 01:51:29 PM

Adapter's for following functionalityes could be kind:
-i2c - so you can add your own i2c harware
-gps can be used to controll frequency generato, to get ^8 accurancy for tranceiver it self and other application,... this idea also need's most likely changes to current frequency source,... this could be optional piece of hardware !
General discussion / Re: Introduction
Last post by OH5BZR - July 21, 2020, 07:46:09 PM
Hello, I'am Joni oh5bzr from Finland. For creativety current standards and equipment's whit their licence restriction are really BAD thing. I'am very thrilled to see M17 project's victory, so I'am in and as soon possible I start to build - at best case can contribute. I'am Boat Manufacturing engineer and played whit software and hardware from 80' and got amateur licence long time ago. I'am not realy good at C,C++,assembler, linux,... even tough do things, but I can allawys share by good & bad ideas if someone listen.
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