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Technical / Re: M17 frame description
July 22, 2020, 02:24:12 PM

How about sender call + 9 or group ?
How about allow multiple TDMS frame's for data, several radios at same whit own slot ?

Flexibility, data/voice could have headers, so multiple codec could be in use,..

Could there be frame id's so for example instead voice data can be sended GPS or message or data,.. and next time you have slot againg continue whit voice ??

This could be multi codec ?


Adapter's for following functionalityes could be kind:
-i2c - so you can add your own i2c harware
-gps can be used to controll frequency generato, to get ^8 accurancy for tranceiver it self and other application,... this idea also need's most likely changes to current frequency source,... this could be optional piece of hardware !
General discussion / Re: Introduction
July 21, 2020, 07:46:09 PM
Hello, I'am Joni oh5bzr from Finland. For creativety current standards and equipment's whit their licence restriction are really BAD thing. I'am very thrilled to see M17 project's victory, so I'am in and as soon possible I start to build - at best case can contribute. I'am Boat Manufacturing engineer and played whit software and hardware from 80' and got amateur licence long time ago. I'am not realy good at C,C++,assembler, linux,... even tough do things, but I can allawys share by good & bad ideas if someone listen.